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Open Letter to Connecticut Democrats from Latinos for Russell

August 2, 2022

As Latino leaders across Connecticut, we are proud to support Erick Russell for State Treasurer. Erick has proven to be a leader for working class families, and a fighter when it comes to thoughtfully investing in our communities.

Connecticut Democrats,

When a candidate reflects the issues we believe in, it's important that we step up and be a voice of support.

Erick has spent his career representing municipalities and the state in managing debt, restructuring pension obligations and financing critical infrastructure projects such as schools, affordable housing, child care facilities and transportation infrastructure. Much of this work has been directly through the Office of the Treasurer, which has provided him with an inside look at how the office operates and how the Office of the Treasurer can create meaningful change.  Simply put, Erick has the knowledge and experience to be an effective State Treasurer. That's not just us saying it, it's the endorsements he has received from the only two State Treasurers that have endorsed in this race: Denise Nappier and Joe Suggs, Jr. Both say Erick is the right candidate for the job.

Erick has campaigned on issues that matter not only to Latino communities, but to all communities across the state.

Erick has been clear: his number one focus is keeping our state fiscally strong. And we agree, because our state and our families are better off when our state is in a stronger financial position - that means improved education, transportation, economic development, healthcare, and social services.

There is no question that Erick will use his office to advance our values in a responsible manner. He is committed to providing more opportunity for minority and women-owned investment firms in addition to doing more to integrate equity, diversity and inclusion into the investment process.

And finally, Erick has shown a clear understanding of how the Treasurer’s Office can take critical steps to close the generational and racial wealth gap. Whether it's improving financial literacy or implementing the Connecticut Baby Bonds program, Erick realizes that our state is stronger when everyone has a chance at financial success.

We are proud to join a growing number of Democrats that are supporting the Connecticut Democrats’ endorsed candidate for State Treasurer. This is an incredibly important election and we know that we need to remind our communities across the state that voting in the Primary Election is just as critical as the General Election.

We need a statewide ticket that can win in November. The stakes are too high. That's why we are supporting Erick Russell on Tuesday, August 9th. He will be a great leader for our communities, for our party, and for our state.

Adelante siempre,