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United Auto Workers Endorses Erick Russell for Treasurer

July 19, 2022

UAW Region 9A: “Erick is the most qualified candidate for Treasurer – and the best one for working people.”

(NEW HAVEN) – In a major new endorsement in the Connecticut Treasurer’s race, today the endorsed Democratic candidate Erick Russell announced that his campaign received the support of United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) Region 9A -- a diverse region representing a variety of workers, including child care providers, graduate employees and human service workers. UAW Region 9A represents 35,000 active and retired members throughout New England, eastern New York State (including NYC and Long Island), and Puerto Rico, and 15,000 in Connecticut. Members in Connecticut work as designers, draftsmen, technical writers, electronics technicians and administrative workers in southeastern Connecticut’s Electric Boat Corporation and General Dynamics, as well as computer operators and schedulers at Computer Science Corporation in Norwich.

“Erick is the most qualified candidate for Connecticut Treasurer – and the best one for working people. Hard working residents need a champion in the Treasurer’s office to keep Connecticut fiscally strong, fight for Connecticut values, and ensure Democrats win in November. There is no doubt that Erick is that candidate and he has our unwavering support,” said Beverley Brakeman, Director of UAW Region 9A. “Erick is someone who grew up in New Haven, who worked in his parents’ convenience store as they struggled to make ends meet, who beat the odds, became a partner of a large Connecticut law firm specializing in public and private finance, and has worked to finance critical infrastructure investments across Connecticut. He brings the right financial bona fides as well as the right personal experience to fight for what everyday people need right now. We’re proud to endorse him.”

“This endorsement is an honor and it’s yet another boost for our campaign, which has deep support in every corner of Connecticut. I know what it’s like to struggle and I know what it’s like to beat the odds. That’s who I’ll fight for in the Treasurer’s Office – the working families who desperately need a champion for Main Street values on Wall Street, and who deserve a stronger and fairer economy in Connecticut. Everyone deserves to have a fair shot in this economy and everyone deserves an opportunity at their own success story,” Treasurer candidate Erick Russell said. “As a public finance attorney who has worked with municipalities and the state, I’ve fought my entire career to improve lives across Connecticut. As Treasurer, I’ll continue to fight for those who deserve better wages, quality health care, and a secure retirement in a fiscally strong state. I am so appreciative of UAW Region 9A for their endorsement, and so thankful for all they do each and every day to move Connecticut into the future.”